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Naot and Zappos Give Back

One of the great advantages to working with Naot Footwear and their United States distributor, Yaleet Inc., is getting involved with their charitable donations. Every year they partner with their dealers like to give away free shoes. Yes, FREE shoes! Thousands and thousands of free shoes and sandals every year are given to those in need. 

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Many of these donations take place at homeless shelters across the country. This year (Zappos' 3rd consecutive year), we chose to partner with Shade Tree of Las Vegas, a shelter dedicated to helping women that in some cases are escaping domestic abuse or just need help getting a fresh start.  Oftentimes, these women are leaving their living situation with just the clothes are on their back and the shoes on their feet.  This simple gesture is kind of like giving a hug through a new pair of shoes and the folks at Yaleet Inc. see these donation events as some of the most important and meaningful things that a business can do because of the joy that it brings to those in need.

Check out one of our footwear buyers, Cameron, and Mark, a sales rep for Naot footwear as they load up the Zappos shuttle with this year's batch of donations to Shade Tree:

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Unmatched Comfort of Naot

I hear that you are sad that summer is coming to an end.  Soon the pool and the barbeque will be covered for the year and instead you’ll spend your mornings rushing around getting the kids ready for school.  The conversations will start shifting from “who wants to go to the beach” to the all too familiar “Timmy, why did Mrs. Smith call and say that you didn’t hand in the essay on the migration of Tanzanian wildebeests in the Serengeti that was due last week?” It sounds to me like fall can be a real downer. I think you could use a big hug. Whoa, not from me amigo, back up. I mean a hug for your feet from NAOT Footwear!!  What better way to get rid of your ‘summer-ending blues’ than with fantastic blue shoes from Naot’s new fall line?  We have maryjanes, clogs, flats, and wedges in our beautiful new polar sea leather—sure to brighten even the coldest and darkest fall days.   The look and feel of these new items is better than ever.  They are already being met with customer acclaim and praise.  So stop stressing that summer is almost over and get into the fall groove with NAOT Footwear.

Until next time,

JD and Stef

Naot Pros


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Naot Stages an Intervention

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Have you ever wondered how those amazingly comfortable and fashionable NAOT sandals, shoes, and boots get from an Israeli factory to your well groomed feet?  Maybe each pair is equipped with tiny wings and a jet-pack? Perhaps Aladdin brings them over here by soaring, tumbling, and free-wheeling on a magic carpet ride? Oh, I know!! Each pair is like a mini submarine, able to travel thousands of miles under water? Well ponder no longer—it’s time to put an end to this guessing game. We are Yaleet Inc., the American distributors of NAOT footwear. For well over two decades, our team of passionate and inspired personnel have helped “NAOT” become a term subconsciously associated with fashion and comfort. When NAOT footwear arrived in America it took the footwear industry by storm. And I’m not talking about a “light sprinkling of rain on a Sunday morning” storm. This is the “board up the windows and stock up on canned food” type. Oh no, did I just hear thunder outside? Sounds like NAOT footwear is still on the rise.

Do you remember the days when comfort shoes were nothing more than giant blocks of dull-colored leather with two hook and loop closures? It just didn’t seem that a person could have footwear that was both comfortable and stylish. Well, we are proud to say those days are long gone.  I’d like to introduce you to some of the newest members of our esteemed “ELEGANT” collection.  The “PAMELA,” the “BETTY,” the “TRACY,” and the “ASHLEY” are not your run-of-the-mill comfort shoes. These sandals are sleek, stylish, elegant, and classy. They are some of the newest additions to our extensive assortment of stylish yet comfortable, and entirely hand-made footwear, that come in a magnificent array of eye-catching colors.  Our many collections vary in terms of soles, insoles, width, and heel height in an effort to make sure each individual can find a shoe that is appropriate for his or her unique foot structure. Not everyone’s foot is the same shape and we cater to that fact. Long live individuality!

Come in close—I want to whisper the secret behind the superior comfort of our shoes. THE FOOTBEDS!!! Sorry, did I scream in your ear? I only yell because here at Yaleet Inc. we can’t stop spreading the word about our uniquely engineered insoles. Our footbeds are a blend of natural latex and light flakes of cork. They are designed to adapt to the shape of the foot, alleviate pressure on joints and remove moisture. Other benefits include shock absorbency, slippage prevention, correct body weight distribution, increased balance and heel bone protection, as well as great flexibility and durability. Our footbeds have tamed even the wildest of feet and have helped people walk the earth in extreme comfort and relaxation. So give your feet a break, they’ve been working too hard. Let them soak for a while in the soothing comfort of a brand new pair of your favorite NAOTs.  You owe it to yourself!! (Written by Stef and JD from Yaleet Inc.)

Check out the intervention that Darren setup for Graham with the Naot interventionists. Everyone loves a feelgood story:

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Weekly Comfort Item: Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy can make a woman feel uncomfortable all over. The weekly comfort items this week will help pregnant women stay comfortable throughout those nine months.

Maternal America is a great brand that features products made right here in the USA. With the economy the way it is, a weekly comfort item made in the USA is a great way to stay comfortable and support your fellow Americans. Maternal America’s Whitney Leggings are available in black and white. These leggings are the perfect compliment to your favorite dresses, skirts and tunics. The stretchy fabric is very forgiving on even the most swollen belly. Pair these leggings with Olian Maternity’s Animal Print dress for a wild office or evening look. Black Whitney Leggings with Maternal America’s Maternal Flutter Sleeve Tunic is also another fabulous look.

Another thing that makes pregnant women uncomfortable is their feet. Naot Footwear Mover is a great black clog that is the perfect comfort shoe for pregnant women. Dressy enough for the office, they are perfect for casual or dressier days. The open heel allows you to slip off your shoes so that you can rub your aching feet. In addition, the natural latex and cork footbed molds to your feet and helps wick away moisture.

Naot Footwear is quality footwear. According to the product description, “Naot shoes feature a unique anatomical footbed that replicates the contours of the foot, just like the footprint left when walking in the sand. The production process includes an innovative technology designed to maintain foot health. Naot uses the finest and highest quality raw materials combined with superior standards of advanced design.” Naot only uses the best, just like you expect only the best for you and your little bundle of joy and the Naot Footwear Mover will take you through your pregnancy and beyond.

It’s no secret that pregnant women can be very uncomfortable, but there are plenty of comfort items available that will make your transition into becoming a mommy fashionable, fun and comfortable.

Baby Boomers: Comfortable Spring Sandals

Spring is around the corner and with that comes sandal weather. Baby boomers looking for comfortable yet stylish sandals will find a wide variety of name brand sandals ideal for casual or dress wear without compromising personal style and foot comfort. Finding a good sandal that is comfortable and protects the feet while providing the proper balance is sometimes a challenge; however, brands such as Naot, Soft Walk, and Propet – to name a few all – offer stylish fashionable sandals that provide the necessary support to ensure comfort.

One of the most comfortable sandals from Naot is the Montreal sandals from the Cosmopolitan Collection. This is a medium-width sandal made from rich leather accentuated by floral cutouts and available in a variety of colors including midnight, golden leather or steel leather. To ensure comfort, the Montreal sandal features built-in arch support, a shock-absorbing suede covered foot bed, deep heel indentation for balance and a non-skid traction sole made from latex, polyurethane and flexible rubber. Definitely one of the most comfortable spring sandals, the Montreal from Naot retails for $138.95.

Soft Walk also makes a great spring sandal for women who are looking for comfort, a reasonable heel and a stylish sandal. The Soft Walk Pixley is an adjustable double strap sandal made from calf leather and features a lightly padded foot bed and comfortable polyurethane sole, which provides excellent traction. This is a great shoe for casual or dress at a retail price of $83 and is available in a variety of colors including pink, red, white and others.

Men looking for a comfortable spring sandal or comfortable flat will find the line of men’s casual shoes from Propet offers a variety of styles from which to select. The Propet Resort Walk is a fisherman-inspired sandal made from leather with an easy hoop and look closure, enhanced arch support, removable EVA foot bed and a comfortable polyurethane outsole, which provides not only comfort but also durability. The Propet Resort Walk retails for approximately $67.46 and is available in black or brown.