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Behind the Scenes: July Zappos Photo Shoot

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Behind the Scenes: Zappos Couture Fall 2012 Shoot

As Las Vegas’ shining cultural beacon for world-class performing arts, The Smith Center is certainly one of the city’s latest gems.

A few weeks ago, The new theater became the grand backdrop for the Zappos Couture fall 2012 photo shoot. It truly proved to be an amazing location for the shoot with its art deco-style architecture and design.

Go check out the final photos on now!

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Behind the Scenes: Downtown Vegas Spring Shoot

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As you may know, the Zappos Family is going to be moving our headquarters to downtown Las Vegas in a couple of years. We’re so excited about the growing community downtown; we thought what better place to do a fun photo shoot than our own backyard?

For this shoot, we went to a couple of cool spots downtown, including the Hogs n’ Heffers bar, Downtown Cocktail Room, Triple George, and the Ogden. We thought it would be fun  to show another side of Vegas off the Strip!

We had lots of fun during the shoot, and we're so excited to show a side of Las Vegas that some people may not even know exists. Keep an eye out for these photos on our Shop By pages and homepage soon!

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Heather is a total "knockout" inside the Hogs n' Heffers Saloon.

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Stylist Kaya shows the models how to "move like Jagger"!

downtown las vegas,downtown vegas,behind the scenes,zappos photoshoots,models,zappos photo shoots,

Robert doing the photo booth shot inside Hogs n' Heffers.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Sizzles up the Runway!

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Platforms have long been a source of accolades when it comes to sexy, runway-worthy style. So when we feasted our eyes on these amazing Giuseppe Zanotti studded platform sandals, we were reminded of how they strutted down the runway during the last Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The stunning sky-high platform and edgy stud details elevate this sandal into something utterly spectacular. In our opinion, it looks just as breathtaking worn with a little black dress as it does when worn down a runway clad in lingerie.

Work it!

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Costa Rica Photo Shoot

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I, along with the rest of the visual merchandising team, recently embarked on a photo shoot adventure to tropical Costa Rica for the new Shop by Personality feature on the site.

Click HERE see the fabulous photos and outfits from our amazing trip, and check out the fun behind-the-scenes highlights below!


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Couture Photo Shoot

Brooke and Kaya from The Zappos Family styled it up for a Coutre photo shoot for Vougue. 

Things on my Desk, with Holly F.

Zappos employees decorate their desks with things that will show others their personality. Since Holly liked Johnny Depp, she originally put a picture of him on her desk. Over time, it has grow to an entire wall, or shrine if you will, of attractive male celebrities that she and her coworkers equally enjoy gazing at daily.

Modeling Really Does Take Talent

I guess America’s Next Top Model challenges aren’t all that unrealistic; models sometimes are required to wear unnatural shoes on a slippery runway and avoid the inevitable – falling down. But as this video showed us, it does happen to the best of the models out there.

I guess modeling takes more than beauty – great balance!