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Jillian Michaels Is Here To Challenge You

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We all know that Jillian Michaels means business. When she isn’t helping average Americans accomplish their fitness goals on The Biggest Loser, she offers her expert advice to those who are trying to take their fitness to the next level. Jillian Michaels and the team at K-SWISS have started an online video series where Jillian jumpstarts your workout and offers tips for top performance. Before you jump into a new regimen, protect your feet with the revolutionary technology that’s sure to change your approach to running. The Tubes™ Run 100 from K-SWISS® provides an amazingly responsive heel-to-toe transition and features full-length cylinders for excellent flexibility, support and stability. Head over to our Running page to try on a pair of Tubes™ Run 100 and check out this video with Jillian Michaels explaining the importance of upgrading your gear:

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Serve Up Safety In Mozo Footwear

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The culinary industry can be a tough place when it comes to wear and tear on your feet. Put out the fire with a comfortable pair of MOZO Shoes. You are always on your feet moving side to side or back-and-forth, and that inspired MOZO to combine running shoe technology with work shoe toughness. MOZO shoes utilize full grain leather, certified slip-resistant outsoles, and the exclusive TripleFit System™. Other companies may use plastic coated leather, thin and cheap outsoles and flimsy sock liners, but not them. MOZO shoes are made from full grain leather because leather breathes and molds to the foot, thereby providing great comfort. MOZO takes durability a step further because their shoes will continue to provide cushioning, traction, support and the craftsmanship needed to thrive in your work environment for a long time. When these components work together, your feet are going to be the last thing on your mind during your shift. Focus your attention on creating breathtaking dishes and let MOZO focus on your feet.

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Triple Eight Can Save Your Life

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When you think about action sports protective gear, the only name you need to know is Triple Eight. Why? Because Triple Eight is a company that embodies everything that is pure, authentic and soulful in skateboarding and beyond, much like New York City itself. You see, for the past 15 years, we here at Triple Eight have brought you the highest quality protective gear, covered you from head to toe and allowed you to push your limits while being safe. There is no other protective gear company that delivers the craftsmanship, innovation and style as Triple Eight. Whether you are the veteran pro, the aspiring amateur or a first timer, Triple Eight has you protected. Stop by the Rideshop and pick up a helmet before you go big!

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Safety Rocks!

Safety comes first in the Zappos Kentucky Family!

Recently the Zappos Safety Idol was held within the fulfillment center to promote our number one priority! Departments got together to create musically inspired safety songs and to have a little fun, of course. Glenn L. was announced the winner of Zappos Safety Idol at our All Hands meeting July 27th where he performed his fabulous song Zappos Fulfillment Centers, Inc. Glenn makes safety rock!


Rapped Up in Hoopla!

KY Content sponsored the Safety Core Value activity in July with hosting the first Safety Idol at the Kentucky location. The focus was to incorporate fun and a little weirdness, and increase the awareness of safety in the fulfillment center.
To enter the contest, teams of up to four employees, were faced with the challenge of putting safety topics in the flow of a rap…...which had to include the word HOOPLA!

H – Healthy work habits equal Healthy Employees!

O – Observing the Core Values!

O – Organization that empowers individuals to be an active part of Safety!

P – Personal Protective Equipment!

L – Learning about Safety is Fun!

A – Awareness is the key to Success!

With a unanimous vote, Andrew Kim, Jimmy Music and Nick Catt, won the Safety Idol and also appeared live and presented their new hit single HOOPLA at the all hands meeting in July. The room rocked and gave a standing ovation at the completion of the rap performance, which was the opening act for Tony, Alfred and Fred to then address the group.

Way to go, Fellas!

written by: Leah Morris

Safety Poster Contest!

Safety is essential in the Kentucky warehouse. Being properly trained and taking an active stand to keep the environment safe keeps yourself and your co-workers safe. Ultimately being safe keeps everyone happy because they are pain and worry free.

The safety team recently had a Safety Poster contest to spread the word of all the important safety efforts we should all perform and remember! A lot of people put their creative side out there, but there can only be one winner! Congratulations to Susan M. of A shift Receiving for winning the contest! She won a dual Family Membership to the Louisville Zoo and the Louisville Science Center! That is so awesome! Below is her award winning poster, and check out the video of all the other posters that were submitted. We had some great posters this year! Thanks to everyone who participated!


Written by Christina Y and Lisa M !

B-shift Photo participates in Summer Olympics....

Oops, I mean “Safety” Olympics.

Here at the Zappos FC, we’ve been celebrating National Safety Month with various activities including Safety BINGO, the “HOOP“LA basketball challenge and the great Safety Olympics.

What exactly is this you may ask? Well, it’s a timed obstacle course testing the knowledge of cart safety, proper lifting techniques, incident reporting procedures, and blade safety. In an effort to + build a positive team and family spirit +, on a beautiful Wednesday evening, we went to cheer on and witness our fellow team members accomplish greatness! Finishing with a time of 3:26, Angela, Theresa, Kaya, Naomi and Lacy represented us loud and proud! Great job you all!!

P.S. The Bejing 2008 Olympic Games begins August 8th and ends the 24th!

Written by: Taurie M.

Meet Lisa!

Meet Lisa everyone! She is one of our wonderful Seniors in the Images department! Lisa’s pretty awesome, and I thought everyone else should know a little bit about this Indiana Jones loving, safety team lady! Being on the safety team here in KY, she is always representing the HOOPLA! She knows her CPR and is always going to meetings and keeping us informed on all the safety rules, and new and fun activities for us to do!

Here is some random questions I asked Lisa so we could know a little more about her:

Favorite Movie: there are tons…Super Troopers is one that I can watch all day, and never feel like its too much.

What do you do on the Safety Team: I get information about things going on in the warehouse and I try to keep my team informed. Just try to keep everyone aware.

Best Pick up Line: A friend of mine used this on some girls “How much does a Polar Bear weigh?... Enough to break the ice, Hi my name is…” and One I heard on the radio, its lame but I laugh. “ I’m glad I brought my Library card cause I’m checking you out.”

Dumbest thing ever seen: WOW, umm… lets see, when my friend used that lame pick up line about the Polar Bear. It was at a crappy haunted house thing, so can that make it even worse? And Steven Seagal’s singing.

Whats the strangest thing: just look around on the Internet, you will find all kinds of gems. Like the Universe, Its strange, unknown, but amazing.

Coolest thing in the world: the Internet, and my Indiana Jones hat.

You may have seen Lisa in Vegas back in March… Here she is -with her mustache! All great men.. and women, have mustaches!