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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him--For $50 and Under!

We all know the saying “it’s the thought that counts”, but old sayings aside, most guys just can’t get that excited about getting the same ol’ socks for Christmas (if they do, they’re probably pretending!) That’s why we’ve rounded up some pretty awesome gift ideas for the dude/s on your gift list.

Trust us; they won’t have to fake being excited about these presents in their stocking! Did we mention everything ships for FREE? Easy, piecey!

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1. Timex Weekender Full Size Slip-Through Watch

2. Filson Tri-Fold Wallet

3. Hex Focus Case for the iPhone5®

4. Mitchell & Ness NFL Beanie

5. Echo Design Brooklyn Bridge Portable Charger

6. Herschel Supply Co. Packable Duffel Bag

7. Skullcandy Uprock Headphones

8. ZIRH Warrior Shower Gel

9. The North Face Men’s E-tip Denali Glove

10. Burton DND Beanie 3-Pack



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Holiday Gift Guide: Athletic Gear for Him & Her

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Men: 1. adidas Tiro Training Jacket, 2. Brooks Essential Run Jacket, 3. Reebok Wall Season 2 Zigencore, 4. Timex Sport Ironman Midsize 10 Lap Watch

Women: 1. Lucy Vital Jacket II, 2. The North Face Isla Weekender, 3. Soleus Chicked watch, 4. Nike Free Run +2

Looking for a gift that will impress and delight the people on your gift list with athletic prowess? Look no further than our amazing selection of athletic shoes, clothing and accessories! They’re the gifts that keep on giving—in the gym, track, court or the yoga studio.

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Motorcross in the U.S.: Embracing the History with a Vintage Motorcycle

While classic car enthusiasts are unlikely to race in one of their painstakingly restored automobiles, some motocross riders like putting their classic motorcycles to the ultimate test. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) sanctions vintage motocross events for riders of all skill levels.

These races truly test a motocross lover’s skill at restoring a bike as well as riding it. For competitions, AHRMA separates motorcycles into different categories, with 1965 serving as the dividing line between vintage, classic and contemporary. Different road rules apply for pre-1965 models and those produced from 1975 onward.

AHRMA’s National Vintage MX Series for 2009 is shaping up to be one of the best thus far, with a kickoff on February 7 at the Arizona Cycle Park in Phoenix. Each motorcycle class is subdivided into separate skill levels (novice, intermediate and expert); AHRMA also has MX races geared for riders who are over 40, 50, 60 and 70 years of age.

Vintage motocross clubs can be found all across the country, many of which work closely with AHRMA and its regulations. The folks at Florida Vintage Motocross, for instance, also are quite strict about the rules, especially when it comes to insurance. When racing a vintage machine in one of their events, you must secure you own medical, liability and life insurance. Your motorcycle also needs to be in good working order before heading to the starting line.

While training for a vintage MX race, you always need a good watch, which is where a Timex Ironman comes in handy. The Ironman helps you keep track of your speed and performance on the track – and it tells time, too.

Besides racing, MX clubs also offer knowledge and resources that help with the restoration of vintage cycles. Most motocross racing organizations require that a bike be “period ready” (accurately restored to its year of manufacture) before it is allowed to compete. Preserving the past while keeping an eye on the future, vintage MX racing is like getting the best of both motocross worlds.