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Santa gives out the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!

Today, Santa will be played by Melissa and The Grinch will be played by Patrick.

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Wong Gone!?!

Matt announces he’s leaving the blog team…or is he bleeding? Maybe he’s cleaning. Either way, he’s taken the camera equipment with him and we’re all sad he’s gone.

Wishing you the best over in Insights!

CLT Thanksgiving Potluck

Here at Zappos, we like to look at ourselves as one big happy family. With Thanksgiving being here our Customer Loyalty Team decided to have one big potluck for the entire floor. They made turkeys, hams, pies and every type of side you can imagine. It was delicious!

All of us here at Zappos want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Coworkers with smelly feet! FUNNY!

Do you hate coworkers with smelly feet? Melissa does, especially if the feet are salty!

Katrina's WOW poem!

Our very own Katrina J., British CLT-Bringer of WOW, created this fine work below to represent our culture in poetry.

Here at Zappos, we have a special way,
It’s called the the 10 core values and it helps us every day.

One of course, is the “Service WOW”
If you are really good at it, we award you a C.O.W (cultivator of wow

Number two, You’re in the drivers seat
Embracing change, we think is pretty neat!

Do you fit in with number three? please read on and you will see.

If you want to shave your head and have a race to grow a beard,
Then you’re creating a little fun and are hopefully a bit weird!

Be adventurous, creative and open minded as well, is number four, if
you can’t tell?

Now we are at the middle and it’s about keeping our brains fed,
Pursuing growth and learning, will help us stay ahead.

As for number six, we won’t keep you out of touch,
It’s open and honest communication, that will help us build our trust.

Team and family spirit is the next one to keep in mind.
With picnic’s and parties, where we all have a good time.

Doing more with less got us where we are today,
so, number eight is really great, making your idea’s our Way!

It’s number nine, I hear you determined to shout!!
And of course it’s the Passion, which is what we’re all about.

So now we reached the last one, what could we have left out??
Ten wonderful core values that makes Zappos what we are all about.

We like to remember where we came from and how far we have to go,
So being humble, is the last core, to keep in mind,
As we spread a little happiness to all of mankind…..

Marshmallow Gun

Our Kid’s department received some handy-dandy little toys as a gift from their boss.
I give you: Marshmallow Guns.

Our Lady is Back!!!

Our blogger and best buddy Melissa L. was in an accident riding her bike a few weeks ago, and she has been at home recovering for over a month! Today, my friends, she returned to us, and we are so delighted!

Melissa hails originally from San Francisco, CA and started Zappos in the summer of 2008 as a video blogger. Even after the accident, she still managed to go ahead with her wedding, which was set for a week later. On October 3, Melissa married her best friend Igi in a beautiful ceremony in Temecula with many Zappos people in town.

Melissa, we are so happy to have you back!!!

(Melissa and Igi!)

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Tony Talks Core Values with Jeanne Bliss

When it comes to Customer Loyalty, Jeanne Bliss knows when it’s being done right, or even done wrong. Her new book “I Love You More Than My Dog“ is all about companies that use Customer Service as a tool to gain and retain customers. Tony tells Jeanne how the Zappos Core Values came about, and how they have helped to drive and amplify the Zappos culture.