Famous New Babies Equal Big Bucks for the Stars!

Everyone knows that having a baby in Hollywood means big bucks for the parents. Stars like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Jamie Lynn Spears and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes have all made million dollar deals with magazines for exclusive rights to the first baby pics. But one Hollywood couple that won’t be selling their baby pics is Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They recently turned down a million dollar offer for the first pics of their baby girl, Sunday Rose. The couple says that they haven’t decided whether to release a photo of Sunday yet or not, but when they do it will be for free and not for profit.

Of course, the bidding war for the first baby pics of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline is just warming up now that the Jolie-Pitt twins are here. It’s down to OK! and People Magazine and it seems that neither publication wants to back down. Now whoever wins the bidding war is not only guaranteed a hot-selling cover, but is also entitled to major bragging rights. Rumor is that bidding has reached $15 million dollars and is still going up.

Adding fuel to Jennifer Lopez’s rep as a diva is the latest rumor that she only dresses her twins in designer outfits once before tossing the clothes aside. Now, baby designer duds may be small, but they don’t come cheap. And why would a baby not want to be seen in the same onesie twice, know what I mean?

And guess who has an open relationship in Hollywood? Well, I’m sure there are plenty of Hollywood couples with open relationships, but I’m referring to power couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. According to Will Smith the secret to their happy marriage is complete honesty… about who they want to sleep with. Yes, it seems that both Will and Jada believe that it is completely natural to be attracted to other people and to act on those desires, so as long as they’re both honest about it, they don’t see anything wrong with it. Although rumors of Will and Jada living a swinger lifestyle have come up before, this is the first time that either of them has addressed the rumors head-on.

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Latest Spears Baby, J-Lo's Diva Ways, Mayer's Groupie and Amy Winehouse's Bad Luck

The world’s most famous pregnant 17-year-old, Jamie Lynn Spears, had her baby this past week. Her entire family, along with famous sis Britney Spears was on hand to welcome Maddie Briann into the world. Already the in-laws are laying claim on which of the baby’s features look more like Jamie Lynn and which look more like Casey. The new mother and baby were driven home by police escort, but it was Britney who drew the bigger crowd. Britney was only gone from L.A. for a couple days, yet she managed to cause quite a ruckus upon her return when she and her father Jamie Spears were swarmed by paparazzi before jumping into a waiting SUV.

Another new mom who made headlines this week was Jennifer Lopez. Page Six reports that J-Lo was out on a shopping trip and has apparently fallen back into her diva ways. She not only demanded that the store close down so she could shop in private (they didn’t), but then she tried on outfit after outfit, leaving a huge mess in the dressing room and not buying anything. Jennifer Aniston is playing a new role these days: most famous groupie. That’s right, Jennifer is joining boyfriend, John Mayer for his UK tour. The couple will travel together from gig to gig and check out the sights along the way. Let’s just hope that Jennifer doesn’t go and mess up this relationship too. We know she must be getting anxious to catch up with ex-hubby Brad Pitt‘s growing brood …

It seems like Amy Winehouse just can’t catch a break. Her father recently confessed that Amy is suffering from emphysema due to her nasty habit of smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes. It seems rather ironic that her lungs and voice got her to where she is and now they may be the thing to bring it all to a halt.

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Britney and Lindsay Dating, Traditional Ashlee and ...Scarlett's Non-Touring Schedule

Ashlee Simpson is turning out to be more a traditionalist that I’d originally pegged her for. She just announced that she has taken her new husband’s, Pete Wentz, last name and will officially change her name to Ashlee Wentz. As far as Ashlee’s professional name (yeah, try saying that with a straight face) she will be adding the Wentz name to it as well, which will make her Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Well, at least until the couple announces that they’re divorcing due to irreconcilable differences (i.e. Joe Simpson). I mean, really, do you expect this Simpson marriage to end any differently that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s short-lived marriage. All Joe Simpson needs to do now is sign Ashlee Simpson up for another MTV reality show!

Lindsay Lohan has long been plagued with rumors that she and her BFF, Samantha Ronson, are more than just friends. And recent photos of the duo are only adding fuel to the fire. The paparazzi have snapped Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shopping, traveling and hanging out, which are all very normal friend activities. It’s a little harder to explain the pic of the two girls kissing though. And why is Lindsay wearing a ring with Samantha Ronson’s initials on it? That’s not a normal best friend ritual either!

Lindsay’s parents seem divided on the whole “Is our daughter really a lesbian?” issue. Dina Lohan has denied the allegations and insists that the two are just close friends. Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, on the other hand went as far as saying that it’s obvious what Lindsay and Samantha are – and then promptly took his statement back.

Jamie Lynn Spears and fiance, Casey Aldridge, celebrated Memorial Day like any other barefoot and pregnant teenage couple in America did — by shopping at Wal-Mart. The couple emerged from their Wal-Mart shopping spree with a cartful of purchases including several cases of… soda. See, celebrities really are just like us!

And what about Jamie Lynn’s older sis, Britney Spears ? Well rumor has it that Britney has a new boyfriend. In all of the hoopla over Britney Spears hanging out with new pal, Mel Gibson, it seems that people overlooked just who it was that was really by her side. So who is the new Britney Spears boy-toy? Well, none other than her agent, Jason Trawick. Hmm, I wonder if Britney ran this by her father first – since he seems to be controlling most of her life these days. The good thing is that Britney is looking better and better. We can only hope that she’s finally on the right track again.

And finally some really good news – Scarlett Johansson will definitely not be hitting the road to promote her album. Thank God! Scarlett’s debut album was panned by music critics, but Scarlett claims that she never really wanted a music career. Then why record the album, right? Well, it seems that the only reason she agreed to record the album was because it was an opportunity that her struggling musician friend who have spent years trying to break


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