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Inside Zappos: Crowded Peninsula

This week on Inside Zappos the AV Team steps into the rap game. If you missed last week's episode you can watch it HERE.

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Moods of Norway Hits the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!

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We're huge fans of the cheerfully quirky yet sophisticated style of Moods of Norway. So when we saw that heartthrob Bronson Pelletier from the Twilight series wore a Moods of Norway outfit during the MTV Movie Awards, we were undoubtedly stoked.

The suit Bronson was wearing is the Moods of Norway Atle Tonning Plaids 8 Blazer (photo above). He rocked it quite dapperly with a simple black bowtie and sleek tuxedo-style pants

Did we mention that is the only place online where you can get this Moods of Norway suit jacket? We love it paired with the matching Even Flo Pants Plaids 8.

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Little Black Dress To Impress

jessica simpson, mtv, fashion, trend, dress, holiday party, black dress

Every fashionista has her trusty little black dress, but the Jessica Simpson Faux Wrap dress will have you changing into something new for this year’s holiday party. Elegant draping sets off this eye-catching Jessica Simpson dress to turn all eyes on you the minute you put it on. The allover sequined design and v-neckline make this a timeless, feminine but classically familiar addition to your closet. Tie your look together with a capelet, chunky necklace and drop-dead-gorgeous heels and you’ll be the belle of the ball. Enjoy the versatility of this 37-inch sleek beauty for your upcoming cocktail party or holiday event. This is the dress that you will wanna love forever.

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Celebrity Gossip: The Hills Renewed for a Sixth Season

The Hills are still alive! MTV has once again renewed The Hills for a sixth season and despite Audrina's comments about quitting the show, she has signed on for the sixth season. Audrina Patridge's rep confirmed to US magazine that the actress will be starring in the next season of The Hills. However, next week Patridge also starts shooting the pilot episode of her own reality show, which will be a spinoff on MTV as well (think The City with Whitney). The Hills is set to resume taping after the new year. So, how will Audrina tape both shows at the same time? Will anybody be watching either one of the shows? Sources close to Audrina say that it is possible that the two shows will play off each other and may be intertwined. One of the sources also said, "She is getting six figures per episode. It is an incredibly lucrative deal." Do you think that Audrina is really worth six figures an episode?

After several years of fighting and book writing Tori Spelling and her mom Candy are finally reconciling. According to Tori's husband Dean McDermott, Tori and Candy are putting aside their past differences and are trying to get along for the sake of Tori's children Liam and Stella. He says that the two have "been in communications," and "Candy has seen the kids." The mother daughter duo has been fighting since Tori's father Aaron Spelling died two years ago. Both of them have written tell-all books which say some not so nice things about the other person. Candy even has accused Tori of using her two kids as "reality-show props" for her show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Dean says that they are keeping it all private "like it should be." I wonder if they will now write a book together on their reconciling as well?




The 1st Annual Zappos Blog Awards

This week we gathered our HR and Blog Teams together to award the greatest 2009 Zappos Video Blogs. Everyone was quite pleased with the outcome, except Brett, the Blog Team Supervisor. He was quite vocal about the decision.

More Hills Spin-offs, Paris Isn't Preggers, Jennifer Garner's Baby Scare and Jessica Simpson Disses Carrie Underwood

MTV is handing out spin-off shows like candy to the cast of the popular reality show, The Hills. We first heard that Whitney Port would be getting her own “Hills”-type show, but now playboy Brody Jenner is going to be getting a “Tila Tequila“-type show, called Bromance, where guys will compete to be part of Brody’s entourage. You know what would be hilarious – if Spencer Pratt, Brody’s former BFF, was among the contestants!

You’ll be happy to hear that the world is safe from the spawn of Paris Hilton... for this month anyway. Although there had been rumors that the heiress might be pregnant because of what appeared to be a baby bump, Paris was recently spotted partying at a club for the filming of her upcoming reality show and indulging in some drinking and smoking. So either she’s not pregnant or just really dumb. Of course, this is Paris Hilton we’re talking about, so it could go either way.

Jennifer Garner recently had a bit of a scare while on out with the Jennifer Garner mini-me, daughter Violet. She accidentally locked the keys in the car along with her daughter. Luckily, she was able to give directions to Violet through the window and the smart tot was out quicker than she could say “Jennifer Lopez is my almost-mommy”.

And Jessica Simpson‘s country album hasn’t even been released but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from creating drama between her and another blonde bombshell country star. Jessica Simpson was recently spotted wearing a t-shirt that read, “Real Girls Eat Meat”. Seems like a pretty innocent t-shirt until you consider the fact that Tony Romo dated Carrie Underwood not too long ago and Carrie is known to be very open about being a vegetarian. Hmm, this could get interesting.

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