Zappos Spirit Week: Pajama Day!

As part of spirit week, we had “wear your pajamas to work” day today. Many people rolled right out of bed this morning, and came right to work in their PJ’s and slippers. Check out all the Zappos employees in their pajamas.

Zappos Spirit Week: Mismatch Day

Have you ever rolled out of bed late, threw on some clothes, then rushed out the door to get to work? Once you arrived, did you realize one sock was black and the other was blue? Maybe you ended up wearing those plaid pants with a striped shirt…?

Here at Zappos, we like to celebrate these types of things. As part of our spirit week, today we had mismatch day at Zappos. If you can imagine it, it was being worn today: Two different color socks with two different shoes and plaid shorts with polka dot shirts seemed to be a couple of the most popular styles.

So just remember, next time you’re walking by someone and you think to yourself, “What are they wearing?”, don’t be afraid to tell them “nice outfit” – they may have planned it that way.