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Happy National Pretzel Day!

April 26th is an exciting day!  It's Hug an Australian Day, Audubon Day, Kids & Pets Day, Poem in Your Pocket Day, Richter Scale Day, Take Your Daughter to Work and, most importantly,  National Pretzel Day!

We're are all about trying out new recipes, so Brooke and I decided to whip up some pretzels for National Pretzel Day!

As an added twist (excuse the pun) we decided to make bacon pretzels in honor of our dear friend and coworker April, whose birthday is today and who LOVES bacon!

You will need:
1 teaspoon of sugar

2 teaspoons of salt

1 packet of yeast

2 oz of butter of margarine

4 1/2 cups of flour

Oil of your choosing

Bacon or cheese (optional)

Plus 2 hours of free time

*Some recipes call for an egg yolk that is mixed with cold water and brushed over the pretzels at the end, but we didn't have one (they were all boiled for Easter), so we just brushed ours with butter.

We hope you enjoy the video! If you look closely you might even catch a cameo from my cat Oliver (but don't look too closely, we accidentally left a microphone cable in the shot - oops!)

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The Happy Hunt in Portland, Oregon

Some of our team members recently headed out to Portland, Oregon to spread “random acts of kindness” all around their fine city.

They made stops at some popular Portland locations such as Voodoo Doughnuts, Koi Fusion food truck and PBJ’s to give out some free goodies. We also spread happiness-filled eggs throughout town for people to find.

Look out for more Random Acts of Happiness! We might be visiting YOUR city to spread some smiles!

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Happy National Cheeseball Day!

April 17th is National Cheeseball Day! Now there’s a holiday that’s near and dear to our hearts—being cheeseballs ourselves!

If you'd like to make your own cheeseball to celebrate, we’re here to show you how to whip one up in ten minutes flat. Just watch this “cheesy” video and you'll have all the knowledge you need.

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Instant Dance Party at Zappos HQ Lobby!

If you come out for a tour of Zappos HQ, make sure NOT to press the button…unless you want to be surrounded by pure awesomeness. You’ve been warned!

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Towel Day at Zappos HQ

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of International Towel Day in tribute of late author Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. On Towel Day, fans of Adams carry a towel with them all day in reference to the aforementioned book. A few Zapponians paid homage by rocking their towels around the office today.

In addition to carrying their towels today, Zapponians were also encouraged to donate their old towels to Shade Tree.

Happy “Towel Day” Wednesday everyone!

Finance Random Acts of Kindness

Our finance was once again showed us their fun and wild side today, selecting two Zappos employees at random to give their Random Acts of Kindness award.

Surprised with the honor this week were Crystal C. and David C…... Way to show that spirit, Finance!

Random Acts of WOWness

I received an inspiring story from Martha, who works on the graveyard shift… I thought I would share it on my blog. Here’s what Martha emailed me:


I just have to share with you something that happened last Tuesday morning when I got off work.

But first, we have to go back to 1984 when I spent 7 weeks traveling around Europe. I had spent all of my money by the time I got on a plane in Frankfurt, Germany. We landed in London and had to get off of the plane while we were there for about an hour and then we were going on to Los Angeles. I got thirsty but knew that I only had my lucky dollar and a bunch of foreign coins in the bottom of my handbag. I spotted a snack bar and a sign said “FOREIGN MONEY ACCEPTED.” I got a coke, and started drinking it as I waited in line to pay. I had drank more than half of it when I got to the register and spotted a sign that said “NO FOREIGN COINS, PAPER CURRENCY ONLY.” I had nothing but my lucky dollar and was not going to part with it. I tried to get the cashier to take ALL of my coins which would surely been enough to cover the price of the coke times over but she said no.

Finally, a gentlemen in line behind me said that he would pay for my coke. I thanked him and tried to give him all my foreign coins. He would not take them and told me to just do a favor for someone else. He said just do random acts of kindness for others. Throughout my life I have tried to follow his suggestion as much as possible. It doesn’t always mean paying for something for someone, many things you can do are free. Examples: Bringing your neighbor’s trash can back from the curb, bringing their newspaper to the door, opening a door for someone, or just putting a smile on someone’s face. It can involve money. Examples: The person in front of you in line may need a penny or a few cents so that they don’t have to break a dollar, pay for someone’s coke, etc.

Okay, back to what happened on Tuesday morning. I stopped at Walgreens down the street. I had a ton of stuff to get. When I got to the register, 2 people got in line behind me. I let them both go first rather than wait on me. Then it was my turn. I was about a third of the way into being checked out when an older gentleman got in line. He had 2 cans of peanuts, some salve and a chapstick. I turned to him and told him to give them to me. He had a strange look on his face and asked me why. I told him that I was going to pay for them so that he didn’t have to wait for me to get checked out. He asked why. Out of my mouth came “It’s a random act of Wowness” I totally meant to say “Random act of kindness,” but because of working here at Zappos , the word “WOW” came out. Rather than correct what I said, I just went with it. He handed me his items, I had the cashier scan them and put them in bag and I gave them to the gentleman. He said “Tell me about this “Random acts of Wowness” I explained that it was doing nice things for people, even strangers. I briefly told him about my experience in London. He was so grateful, thanked me and left the store. Then the cashier asked me more about this “Random acts of Wowness” I explained that I worked at Zappos and that we WOW our customers.

I feel that I shared this Wowness with 2 people and that they BOTH will play it forward. (Have you seen the movie “Pay it Forward?”) I had such a great feeling when I left the store.

On Friday morning when I left here at 7:00 am I stopped in the same Walgreens. I had barely gotten in the door when I heard, “Hi Martha.” I thought that someone from work was there. I looked around and realized that it was the same cashier from before. I said to him “I’m surprised that you remembered me and my name.” He said “I wrote your name down from the credit
card receipt and of course I remember you, you’re the person who told me about the “Random acts of Wow or Kindness.” He said that he had told other people about it!

I was so WOWed by this cashier! He got it. I feel that he will be WOWing other people now.

  • Martha C.

Thanks for the story, Martha. It’s great to see that our WOW philosophy is extending beyond how we treat our customers at Zappos !