Anne talking about Core Value's

Meet Anne the Receiving manager in the KY Fulfillment Center. Here she is talking about some Zappos Core Values and what they mean to her. Enjoy!

Video by: Michele K.

Zapping Happiness Back into Zapponians!

Zapping Happiness Back into Zapponians! Can you say that three times fast? Probably not. But you can check out this awesome video showing you just what the Happy Zappies are. They’ve been spotted making people happy around the Zappos KY Fulfillment Center….watch out, you may be next!

Core Value of the Month Award!

The customer loyalty team has a “Wow Team” that plans different fun events and promotes our culture throughout the department during the year. In order to help everyone continue to live the core values, every month they hold a “Core value of the month” contest.

This month they celebrated core value #4, Be adventurous creative and open minded, with a shoes design contest.

Bananas in Pajamas

With the official start to our Holiday season this week, it is now peak season for our Customer Loyalty Team (CLT). During this time our call volume goes up in the call center, and in order to continue to give the best customer service possible, it’s all hands on deck. Besides many other departments helping out on the phones, our regular CLT members work longer shifts to take care of the extra volume.

To get through this busy time, the teams still like to have a little fun at work. Melissa’s team in CLT decided that since they were working extra hours, some of them coming in as early as 4am, they are having what they call a “Bananas in Pajamas” week. This would give them a chance to just roll right out of bed and come to work in their PJ’s during this busy time. They call it “Bananas in Pajamas” because they are spending almost the entire week wandering around doing everything in pajamas – stopping at the coffee shop before work, going out eat on their lunch break, etc. They certainly are working with our core values in “creating a little fun and weirdness.”

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Do More with Less: Popsicle Arm Splint

Have you ever been hanging out around the house and accidentally bump your head, arm or wrist? I most certainly have, and it usually happens when you have a busy week ahead of you. It was the week before christmas of 2007, and I was walking from my bathroom to my room in the dark, and hit my nose on a closet door that was left open. I immediately ran to the freezer and found a bag of hashbrowns to keep the swelling down. I was mad at myself for hitting my nose, especially since I knew I would be taking christmas pictures with my family later that week. I later noticed that it actually straightened my nose out, but took a while for the red mark to dissolve away.

Brian K. from the UX (User Experience) team had the same such luck after bumping his arm while doing some landscaping work over the weekend. I must say I was impressed by the use of popsicles to not only keep down the swelling, but also form a splint over the forearm. Well Played Bk, well played.

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Finance Thanksgiving Potluck

The Finance team organized a department wide potluck dinner in the style of “The Pilgrim Supper” . We decided to check it out and see what was on the menu, and maybe do a little taste testing as well! Great job of exuding core value #7 Finance team!


The Zappos Outlet Store set a record of $500,000 in sales for the month of October, and celebrated this week with a surprise team party on Wednesday, November 11th. The team was treated to breakfast from Panera Bread, as the managers dressed in 70’s costumes, presented each team member with Stress Relief Kits and gift certificates to the store, all to the theme of Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration!”.

Sue Maurer, Outlet Assistant Manager, commented on how awesome the team has been at displaying Core Value #2: Embrace and Drive Change

“The Outlet Store has been transformed since August with the help of our Fulfillment Center friends! We have increased our display capacity on the sales floor and our back stock area by at least 30%. We have also changed our pricing structure and have increased our marketing efforts in order to pump up the volume of our sales. Our team has definitely driven and embraced the many changes that have come our way over the past few months and their dedication has paid off in a big way! Special thanks to our fellow team members in Finance, IT, Maintenance, and all of the people in the FC who have helped us with their expertise!”

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Finance Gets Free Java!

Jeneen is known around the office for being funny and easy to get along with, but she has just earned the merit badge for giving free gourmet coffee to her coworkers. She has not only shown that she can motivate her team, but has also proven that coffee can bring people together !