Western Boots For Your Lil' Cowpoke

The West, the last leg of the American Frontier, home to more rattlers and rough terrain than any traveling Americans had ever seen. The women, newly migrated to the West, wore stiff, short leather boots to protect their delicate feet from rocks and the like. As the wranglers began to kick up dust in the Wild West, they found they should have taken after their womenfolk — they needed better protective shoes. A local Vaquero introduced them to the perfect shoe to meet their needs — the western or cowboy boot was great for wrangling horses, working on the ranch, mustang running, and chasing off bandits. As time turned, those boots were crafted for the womenfolk and eventually the children. Now that don’t mean only full grown cowboys and cowgals can wear ‘em! Your little folk can cowboy boots, too!

Your little cowpoke need western boots to keep their feet snug and safe. They may not have jobs on the ranch, but they are definitely active and constantly on the go. Western boot uppers are always tough and protective, like the husk of the cactus, whether they’re sporting genuine leather or synthetic.  Ain’t no secret that your little ones get excited at the sight of wildlife, especially at the mighty equidae--horses I believe ya’ll call ‘em! They’ll love to pull on their finest kids’ Western boots and mount their favorite pony or horse at the county fair.

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1. Ariat Kids Hybrid Rancher Boots

2. Dan Post Kids Lil' Liberty

3. Ariat Kids Bronc Buster Carter

4. Roper Kids Western Lights Cowboy Boots


1. Old West Kids Fashion Top Western Boots

2. Roper Kids Western Dazzle Lights

3. Ariat Kids Heritage Western

4. Durango Crush Heart




Not only are kids’ cowboy boots suitable for everyday wear and tear, they have quite the stylish flair.  Through a variety of patterned uppers, your little tyke can create their own western-inspired look and feel like one of the big bugs. Patterns include everything from the proud American flag, to the gentle flutter of a butterfly, to the untamed ferocity of the eagle, or covert camo print. They’re sure to light up in luminous light-up kids’ western boots! Heels and shafts come aglow with each and every step, giving their western boots a little more to say and everyone can hear it.

There’s enough adornment in their lil’ boots to make Calamity Jane and Doc Holliday proud! If flash and pizazz just ain’t their preference, let them drool over the ostrich toe caps, intricate stitching patterns, and charming colors. The cutout pattern gives dual layers of attractive adornment. Even the toughest cowboys won’t be able to resist the on-trend cutout patterns of the modern western boot.

Now, you may be under the misperception that western boots are stiff and uncomfortable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Whoever told you that can shut their big bazoo!  Western brands keep your kids’ feet in mind. Ariat® Kids, Dan Post® Kids, Durango® Kids, Frye® Kids, Laredo® Kids, Old West® Kids, and Roper® Kids boots construct their interiors with the same care they construct their uppers. No matter what western brand you choose for your young’un, you can be sure that the interior will cradle their fun-loving feet. The most common of underfoot cushioning is EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) coupled with a TPR outsole for great traction—perfect for the Wild West…or the wild playground!

Ariat  Kids brings the Booster Bed and Four Layer Rebound (4LR™) to the feet of your ever growing young-uns. Every pair includes the Booster Bed which is built underneath the original insole. As your little one’s feet begin to grow, like they are bound to do, pull out both the insole and Booster Bed. Toss the Booster Bed like a bad habit and re-insert the insole. Like magic, you’ve added another half to full size of growing room!

The Ariat Kids Four Layer Rebound is sure to keep those growing feet comfortable no matter what their shoe size. Four layers of comfortable synthetic material are united to construct optimal and superior comfort in one single footbed. Not only is this footbed lightweight and comfy, it is compatible with various kinds of outsoles, meaning you are sure to find it in almost every pair of Ariat boots. 

Dan Post Kids isn’t leaving their comfort to the wolves either. Several of their styles come equipped with the Ultimate Gel-Flex insole. Doesn’t that name just give you full-chisel excitement? The insole is crafted from supportive and flexible gel, giving your little one the full footbed comfort they deserve. Whether they’re out and about, playing to their hearts content or ready to tame a stallion, their feet will stay snug as a bug.

Not to be left in the dust are Durango Kids boots with their signature Cushion Flex insole. As your little cowpoke step into their new pair of Durango kids’ boots, their feet will come in contact with a plush footbed. They’ll be wide-eyed as foal once they realize it’s contoured to keep their foot cradled, ventilated to cool them down, and removable (in some styles) for adjustable comfort!

Whether it's something simple like saddling up that horse, minding that good ol' western heist, cooking that cacti and beef ribs, or chasing that cattle around, our great selection of kids’ cowboy boots will keep them protected for those long trails ahead!

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New Brand Spotlight: Tuf Cooper by Pandhandle Slim

Inspired and endorsed by Tuf Cooper, two-time world championship tie-down roper, six-time NFR qualifier and the youngest cowboy to pass the million-dollar mark in rodeo earnings, The Tuf Cooper Collection by Panhandle is a shirt collection for the modern Western man.

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They come in a selection of classic prints and stylish colors for the ultimate cowboy-cool look. Each shirt in the collection features SPF protection and moisture-wicking fabric, making them excellent for both in and out of the saddle.


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Frye Fall Favorites

One of our most popular boot brands also happens to be the oldest shoe company still operating in the United States. With such a long heritage of making high-quality boots that last, it’s no wonder Frye continues to be at the top of our must-have list season after season!

With fall in full swing and winter well on its chilly way for most of the country, we’ve understandably got boots on the brain! But Frye is so much more than just timeless boots. They also craft some amazing handbags, wallets, messenger bags and even bracelets with the same artisanal attention to detail as their iconic boots.

Below are some of our top picks for fall:

Frye Boots, Bags & Jewelry for Fall 2014 available on Zappos.com

1. Frye “Campus” Wrap Cuff

2. Frye “Tyler” Lace Up Men’s

3. Frye “Anna” Shortie

4. Frye “Cameron” Magazine Crossbody

5. Frye “Campus” Crossbody Bag

6. Frye “Veronica” Back Zip Knee-High Boots

7. Frye Wrap Cuff

8. Frye “Logan” Flap Brief Case

9. Frye “Chambers” High Men’s



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New Brand Spotlight: Cruel Girl

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CRUEL is known as a high quality, rodeo-performance, fashion-forward brand that meets the athletic demands of any active cowgirl. Denim is the cowgirl fashion staple, and CRUEL lives to highlight your confidence with a “cruel” design that mixes sassy, sexy, independent, and authentic qualities.

A CRUEL girl possesses an independent spirit and confidence that can’t be crushed. She knows who she is, where she came from, and is determined to get where she is going. There’s no denying her competitive nature either in the arena or on the battlegrounds of fashion. CRUEL wovens, shirts, denim, and accessories live to make you comfortable and confident in any situation.



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Western Fall Boots Roundup

Saddle up for a great season ahead with the perfect pair of Western boots!  Whether you’re looking for a pair of trusty classics for everyday wear, or a statement pair in a bold fall color, Our Western page has just the boots to fit your style.

Check out some of our favorite pairs for fall from the best name in Western:

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1. Lucchese Brown Cheetah/Ostrich

2. Justin Turquoise Boot

3. Dan Post Blue Bird

4. Durango Crush Slouch

5. Laredo Madison

6. Dingo Olivia

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New Brand Spotlight: Cinch

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Since 1996, the Cinch clothing brand has been creating quality jeans and shirts for western men both in and out of the arena. Some of the best athletes from the rodeo, bull riding and equine performance circles love Cinch jeans and shirts because of the quality fit and the authentic western look.

From collared shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves to outwear and athletic gear to fashion-forward western jeans, the Cinch brand puts fit and styling first. Whether fashion basics or premium styles, the designs and reputation of Cinch Jeans make Cinch clothing the number one choice for those who live and breathe the western way of life.


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Justin Workboots: Standing for America

As the nation celebrates Labor Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank all the hardworking men and women who keep this country running. The workers who take pride in their jobs every day. The ones who show how dedication and a strong work ethic can go long way.

Check out the video below featuring some of the dedicated men and women behind Justin Original Workboots—the shoes handcrafted in the USA since 1879 for hardworking folks everywhere.

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Featured above: Justin 440 8" Lace-Up Work Boot

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Thank You for Buying Justin Boots!

The good folks at Justin are all about handcrafting high-quality boots right here in the United States, and we're proud to have them as one of our partners.

Their commitment to craftsmanship, hard work and their pride in what they do is evident in every pair of Justin boots. And they would like to thank you for buying their American-made product: