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Is running a marathon or half marathon on your bucket list?  Are you looking for a race that’s full of bright lights, excitement and memorable sights and sounds? The Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon is the race you’ve been looking for!

NOW is the time to register before the registration fees go up September 4th.

Now get out there and start training! CLICK HERE for more info..

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Who’s Up for Rocking Run?

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Today is National Running Day! Throw on your running shoes and start training for the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and ½ Marathon. Our friends from Rock n’ Roll Marathon got a taste of the Zappos VIP treatment when they toured our office. They also took a couple of photos of the flier around the office to get everyone excited for this year's marathon!

Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Marathon, Rock n' Roll Marathon, Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon, National Running Day,Runners,Marathons,

Zappos HQ gets ready for the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon! Left: The VIP Throne Right: Tony Hsieh's desk inside "Monkey Row"

Don’t miss out on this unique nighttime marathon experience! Register today at

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Ditch The Treadmill For Some Fresh Air: 5 Safety Tips For Running Outdoors

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Take advantage of the warmer weather by taking your running sessions outdoors. Start off with the perfect pair of running shoes like the ever-popular ASICS. Taking the time to pick the correct type of running shoes for your pronation type is key to avoiding injuries on those long runs on concrete and asphalt.

When running outside in heat and humidity, it’s essential that you pick lightweight clothing with moisture-wicking properties. For women, try the sleek Fizz Tank II from Sugoi and the Adidas Stella McCartney Running Performance Short. For men, pick a comfy muscle tank, like the Adidas Response Tee, to keep cool on your run. A pair of lightweight shorts like the Nike Four-Inch Woven Short is a good basic.

Running outside also calls for some extra safety precautions. Here are 5 tips to make your runs safer and more comfortable:

1. When listening to music, keep the volume low enough so you are able to hear cars and cyclists. Never assume that a car can see you.

2. Run facing the traffic.

3. Be careful not to run on paths where you are consistently on a slant. This is very hard on your hips and knees.

4. When running in low light conditions, wear reflective materials.

5. Wear sunscreen when running in the daytime. SPF 30 or above is best.

To get the latest and greaest in running shoes, clothing and accessories, check out Zappos Running Central.

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Keep Training Fun

When training your family for running marathons, it's easy to forget you're having fun. Amid the planning, conditioning, and other preparations, the elements of fun can sometimes be lost. This is especially true when planning for longer races and runs. Running can quickly become a habit or chore. With inventive and creative ways to train and prepare, adults and kids can all keep running fun.

Use Games During Training
Relay races and other physical fitness games can be great preparation for running marathons. Remember the outdoor games you played as a child, such as Tag and other games that involve running or physical exertion? These are great for shaping up the body and also can be entertaining.

Choose Scenic Routes
Tired of running along the same boring route or exercising in a dull environment? Try switching things up. Choose various paths and locations that provide more scenery. Try taking a run at a nature reserve or exercising near a flower garden or waterfall. Use nature's beauty as a source of enjoyment.

Incorporate Music and Dance
Need to jazz up your exercise routine? Use dance moves to supplement or make up your stretch and conditioning routines. Some marathon preparation classes will do this. Check around to see if you can find one that does. If so, be sure it falls in line with the workout each person needs for their preparation.

Friendly Competition
Family competitions can also help prepare for the big day. Just be sure to keep any strenuous or long-distance preparation to at least 6-8 weeks out from the day of the marathon. This helps ensure that all energy is preserved for the day of the race. It also helps prevent injuries and stress on the body.

Bring it All Together
By using a variety of methods, such as the ones above, family members are less likely to tire of training. Choose from the strategies mentioned and even make up your own. Keep in mind the type of physical activity everyone needs to prepare. Then, develop different ways to prepare based on that information. 

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Runs-for-a-Cause Across the U.S.: Too Many Walks, Runs, Rides for Charity?

Ultra-endurance athlete Paul Staso never has worried about running too many miles. In 2006, for example, he ran 3,260 miles from ocean to ocean across the United States in 108 days. Staso's amazing efforts are to raise support for the P.A.C.E. Fitness Foundation, which stands for Promoting Active Children Everywhere.

Of all people, then, who is Paul Staso to question whether the number of charity road races has grown to steep.

Staso on his blog quotes a Dec. 28, 2009, article in The Arizona Republic, reporting that the number of charity road races - everything from walking events to 5K runs to marathons - has risen to 11,000 per year.

Staso takes a neutral stand. A skeptic will point to more competition for limited dollars, noting that as one critic told the Arizona paper, "You can only go to your Aunt Mildred and Uncle Fred only so long" for pledges. An enthusiast, in contrast, will simply assert that more is merrier.

One point that's hard to deny is that the list can get sort of long. Who can remember, four decades ago, the first charity that became well-known for a fundraising road race? It was the March of Dimes. Some citizens interviewed by The Arizona Republic (and even some runners) said they had become confused at times regarding the specific purposes of the charities they were supporting. The newspaper's survey indicated that while most charity walks and runs were for common causes such as fighting cancer and homelessness, others were devoted to such issues as preserving aspen groves and supporting art museums.

Popularity has reached a point that the New York-based Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council has been formed to help nonprofits and worthy causes organize events. The council's website declares, "Welcome to the world's greatest source of THON Fundraising Knowledge." Run Walk Ride President David Hessekiel says exercise events have become more popular than the old-fashioned charity gala "because corporations don't want to be seen as being frivolous."

How can a recreational runner keep up, short of trying to run as often and as far as Paul Staso runs?


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Running Events All Over the Globe: Run the Outback!

Sure you can take a short drive down to your local Outback restaurant to gaze at the mass produced Australian “artifacts” that adorn the walls, the ever-so-menacing warnings to beware of the crocodiles, and the fuzzy presence of a fake kangaroo. Once you sit, you can order the pure shrimp on the barbie, cleverly named kids’ meals, which each end with “roo”, and jazz all the dishes up with some serious spice. But, if you’re into something a little more authentic with a running twist, consider packing away some cash and heading to the real Outback, deep in the heart of Australia, for the Outback Marathon in late July of 2010.

The day’s events, which include a full marathon , a half marathon, an 11k and a 6k, take place primarily off-road on the famous red earth that is common across the central portion of the country. Carving your way through bushwhacked lands on unsealed roads and paths, you’ll run past a lifetime’s worth of scenery, none more spectacular than Ayers Rock and The Olgas.

With the 6k and the 11k open to all age divisions, this could be a nice family event to punctuate a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The half marathon requires a minimum age of 15 whereas the full marathon calls for only those 18 and up. All participants, however, receive a commemorative medal at the conclusion of the race, and certificates are available for printing on-line.

Yes, you can run a marathon any place in the world, and most would be significantly closer to your home. But, how many times in your life will you ever be able to claim that you ran through something most only imagine, a place that most people only visit in books or on the internet?

Thus, a true athletic challenge awaits a half a world away, in a place offering memories for both young and old. Make a trip you will forever recall, and along the way interject a day of pure joy as you run through the Outback. For more information about the marathon, visit

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Running Events All Over the Globe: Major League Baseball Runs for Cancer

The Major League Basebal All Star game has recently become a star-studded event, with two full days of festivities to celebrate America’s pastime and to highlight the game’s best and brightest stars. People come from all over the country to partake in the events that surround the game itself, so naturally the opportunity exists for charities and organizations to spread their word to the masses and to generate exposure for their causes.

Major League Baseball, in an attempt to reach out into the community and serve the country’s best interests, this past July staged its first ever All Star Charity 5k and Fun Run. With all proceeds donated equally to three charities supporting cancer research—the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure—the MLB wished to raise funds and awareness in one remarkable morning.

With participation in the thousands, officials designed a baseball-themed course punctuated along the way with baseball legends and team mascots. Runners and walkers alike traversed the course at their own pace, all in the name of the greater good. With the Fun Run being an un-timed event, participants could enjoy the atmosphere, socialize, and soak in the scenery. The 5k portion, a timed event with official results, offered serious runners the chance to not only run in the shadows of an enormous national event, the All Star game, but also, and far more importantly, it gave them the chance to make a real difference in the lives of others, most of whom they would never even know or meet.

With great anticipation, MLB looks to generate this event again next year when early July rolls around. If you want to experience an amazing baseball event and, while you’re there, become part of something that truly matters, set your course for Anaheim, California, home of the American League West Division Champion Angels. Help raise funds to fight our nation’s leading killer. Donate your time and your legs to find the cure for those who need it now and those who will need in it the future.

Why Do You Run?

Hi, my name is Brett, and I’m officially addicted to Running.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I have been training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon that Zappos is sponsoring. It wasn’t actually my idea, and I was a hard sell on doing it. But, after all these weeks, I am running in upwards of 7 miles at a time….that is not normal for me, or anyone in my immediate bloodline. But, I’m sold. I love it. I now have a form of stress relief. I sleep like a normal human being, and I even started lifting weights. (again, not normal for anyone in the Brett family, going back generations)

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to know WHY YOU RUN? Check out the video below:

Record a short clip telling us what makes you get out there every day, and set it as a reply to this video….“I run because”............

We want to hear about it, yo!