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Jerry's Birthday

The wonderful Mayor of Zappos turned 59 yesterday and the help desk team decided to do something extra special for his special day. At Zappos co-workers often decorate each others desks for their birthday, but this one was over the top! Could you think of a much more exciting way to be surprised on your birthday than a cubicle full of balloons and a homemade pumpkin cheesecake?!? I think not.

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Birthday Desk Prank

Most of us come to work on our birthdays because we enjoy the people we work with, as well as to to see what they have cooked up for us. While we usually always have cake for birthdays, there is usually something else going on in the kitchen. For Sandra A., birthday presents came in the form of her own office supplies, and they came wrapped in plastic! We’ve definitely all heard stories of this happening, but we always think it could never happen to us. Happy Birthday Sandra, hope it was the best ever!

Lauren's Birthday Surprise!

Zappos employees love finding reasons to celebrate and eat cake and lucky for us with as many people as we have here at our office, it seems like there is at least one birthday celebration going on each day.

Today, is Lauren C.‘s birthday and her team really went above and beyond for their celebration. Not only did they decorate her entire desk with cards and banners, everyone on the team made her a special birthday sweet.

Oh, and did I mention this was all done by the time their 4am shift started

Happy Birthday Lauren!