We Miss Renee!

We know it’s only been two days, but we already miss Renee N. aka Monkeylove. Renee wore many hats during her career at Zappos, including Trainer, order verification guru, quality assurance specialist, as well as co-creator of Bald, Blue and Tattooed day! Loren B. aka BigLb, had the opportunity of sitting down with Renee on her last day to ask her a few questions before she opens the next chapter of her life.

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Mad Hatter Tea Party

As a way to keep everyone involved in living our culture, our Pipeline team teaches a culture class for all employees. This class helps explain why our culture is so important to us, as well as helps us come up with new ways to continually enhance it.

Each new class comes up with new ways they can promote culture and bring everyone together. By the end of the several week class, each team has a culture project they do around the office. Today, one of the teams from the most recent class, held a “Mad Hatter Tea Party.” They served tea and snacks, had materials to make hats and just tried to get as many people into the lunchroom to hang out and have some fun together.

Piñata Party!

The Pipeline team got festive on Cinco De Mayo and invited some members of Finance and HR to take a swing at a traditional Mexican Fiesta Piñata full of candy and Zollars! Little did Finance know, the Pipeline team would be handing out more than just Candy this year.

Hot Dog!!

Yesterday the Pipeline team invited everyone over to their area for a Hot Dog Social! Brett had a chance to talk to a few pipeline instructors and ask a few questions about classes, and of course enjoy a tasty Dog! Is there a dancing class coming up in the near future?