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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber

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Sure, you could grab your old rain boots when the weather gets soggy, but why not shake things up with something a little unexpected?

Never to be outdone as a reigning classic, Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® has reinvented itself once again this fall with its latest iteration: The Rubber Collection.

This rain-friendly collection is perfect for commuters, sneakerheads, and pavement pounders who want a waterproof version of this timeless All-American sneaker.  P.S. They look equally as cool when the weather is sunny!


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With minimal running, or “barefoot running” as it’s often called, becoming such a popular subcategory in the running world, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be adapted for everyday life!

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In comes the Freud heritage tennis shoe by VIVOBAREFOOT™. This smart and ultra-versatile sneaker was designed in England by head designer Asher Clark, marrying modern-classic style with the brand’s Pure Barefoot™ technology. This means that not only does the Freud offer all-day comfort, you’ll also get total flexibility and the natural motion control that VIVOBAREFOOT is known for. 

Day in and day out, your feet will be free to move as nature intended in this durable weather-resistant shoe that goes so well with all your everyday casual outfits.

In short: it looks like your dream shoe has finally arrived!

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New Brand Spotlight: G by GUESS

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It's the vintage California lifestyle that makes G by GUESS fashion for the next generation. As the latest brand from denim pioneer Guess?, Inc., G by GUESS was created for young, hip and trendy women with an eye for the freshest looks and hottest styles.

The G by GUESS footwear collection incorporates fashion-forward styles along with a variety of basics perfect for those with an eye for the freshest trends and hottest styles at an attainable price.

Check out G by GUESS today!


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3 Key Fall Trends from Steve Madden

When it comes to being on the pulse of what’s trending in the world of fashion, the designers at Steve Madden certainly do their homework!

Check out the top three trends making a big impression this fall season:

Combat boots: These tough yet stylish boots pair perfectly with skinny jeans—but we love the juxtaposition when they’re paired with a feminine ensemble, like a pretty floral dress or something lacy!

Studding: Studs were everywhere on the spring and fall runways, and we love how they add a little (or a big) dose of edge to an everyday wardrobe.

Funky, bold sneakers: These definitely aren’t made for the gym! These glamed-up versions of our weekend favorites are a great combo of comfort and of-the-moment style. We love them paired with leggings, skinny jeans and oversized sweaters!

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COMBAT BOOTS: 1. Steve Madden Camarro, 2. Steve Madden Troopa, 3. Steve Madden Fairmond

STUDDED: 4. Steve Madden Swaret, 5. Steve Madden KStudd , 6. Steve Madden Tarnney

BOLD SNEAKERS: 7. Steve Madden Olympiaa, 8. Steve Madden Braady, 9. Steve Madden Jeckle

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DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 in San Francisco

The epic Gymkhana FIVE video presented by DC has been burning up the internet this week with over 20 million views so far. In this 5th installment, Ken Block takes to the iconic city of San Francisco and turns it into his “ultimate urban playground”.

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Watch and be thoroughly amazed!

P.S. Look out for DC athlete Travis Pastrana making a cameo at the 6-minute mark.

Check out our DC x Ken Block styles on!

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Lakai x Spike Jonze

Lakai Pico

Renowned film, commercial, TV and music video director Spike Jonze has collaborated with Lakai yet again to design an aesthetically clean and sleek rendition of their classic Pico skate shoe. Its uncomplicated façade and durable vulcanized construction make the Lakai Pico the sneaker to proudly show off your vast style and skate prowess.

This Spike Jonze exclusive colorway is truly easy to pull off with its off- white suede body and perfectly-executed purple trim.  This could very well be the freshest thing out there since the awesome Lakai Fully Flared video, which Spike himself helped direct (see below).

Lakai Fully Flared Intro (re-mastered in 720p HD) from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Canvas Sneaker Cleaning

Canvas sneakers are lightweight, comfortable and versatile, but they do require a little extra care when it comes to cleaning.  If you have a passion for white canvas you already know that one false step in the mud leaves them looking like your little brother wore them to a swamp. But don't let that stop you from wearing the sneakers you love. Cleaning canvas sneakers is relatively quick and easy unless you ignore them for weeks and let the stains set in.

Step 1
Allow soiled sneakers to dry and brush away loose dirt with a soft brush. Check that the soles are clear of dirt or mud. Tapping them together over the trash can generally clears any dirt and mud from treads.

Step 2
Remove the shoelaces. Place the laces in a bowl of warm water with a little laundry detergent and let them soak while you clean the sneakers.

Step 3
Pour warm water in a small basin and add few drops of laundry detergent or ordinary dish detergent. Dip an old toothbrush into the soapy water and scrub the outside of the sneakers to remove dirt and stains. An old electric toothbrush works well as the circular motion of the brush lifts and removes dirt with little effort from you.

Step 4
Rinse and repeat until the canvas is clean and free of stains. Give them a final rinse with clear water to remove any soap residue. Improper rinsing results in ugly stains on the shoes when they dry. Avoid getting water in the sneaker.

Step 5
Place crumpled newspaper or wadded paper towels in the sneaker to hold its form and place in a well-ventilated area to dry.

Step 6
Scrub shoelaces vigorously to remove dirt or stains, rinse with clear water and hang over a line to dry.

Laundry detergent or dish detergent
Scrub brush or old toothbrush
Newspapers or paper towels

Canvas sneakers can be washed it the washing machine, but this may weaken fibers or loosen bonds and shorten the life of your sneaker.

Do not use bleach on canvas as it may turn the canvas yellow.

Maternity Tips: Pampering Pregnant Feet

When it comes to daily living during pregnancy, feet are usually one of the first things to cause discomfort. It only makes sense, after all; pregnancy can cause your feet to swell, and the extra weight of pregnancy takes an increasing toll on them as your bundle of joy grows. So, what can you do to ease the burden your pregnant feet must bear? After two pregnancies, here are a few great tips and tricks for treating your feet right while pregnant.

The best way to start is wearing great shoes. By great shoes, I don’t mean stylish, high-heeled or even necessarily expensive. I mean shoes your feet will love – shoes that are cozy or offer great support, especially if you’re on your feet a lot. For cold weather, pamper your feet with real, slip-on boots . Sometimes, work attire demands either dress shoes or sneakers . For maternity-smart dress shoes, check out dress shoes specifically designed with comfort and support in mind. If you need sneakers for work or working out, look for comfort and support first and foremost. And, whenever, buying shoes during pregnancy, always try them on your newly pregnant feet. Shoes that are your usual size may feel uncomfortably tight during (and even after) pregnancy.

There are several other ways to keep your feet comfortable during pregnancy. When you don’t need to be on your feet, try to keep them elevated as much as possible. This reduces swelling and gives your feet a much needed rest. Also, continue mild to moderate exercise throughout your pregnancy (I was in the gym on my due date. I wasn’t worried about being fat – it just relaxed me!). Exercise during pregnancy will make your recovery and weight loss easier after giving birth. Also, if you can afford a regular pedicure during pregnancy, get one – especially during your last trimester. If you follow these easy steps to healthier feet during pregnancy, you can save yourself unnecessary pain and discomfort. And who doesn’t want that?