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The Kaenon Black Label Collection

Polarized performance wrapped in a sleek package of matte black, Kaenon’s Black Label collection takes sun protection to a whole new level of cool.

Perfect for any water sports or snow sports enthusiast, the Black Label collection protects your eyes from the harshest of glares. This line of polarized sunglasses features Kaenon’s darkest lenses with a subtle black mirror finish. Great for all-day protection, or just keeping an incognito look as you run your weekend errands!

Give someone on your holiday gift list or treat yourself to the Kaenon Black Label Collection, available in five of the brand’s most popular frame styles below:

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1. Kaenon Trade

2. Kaenon Burnet

3. Kaenon Ozlo

4. Kaenon Jetty

5. Kaenon Pintail



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Give Kaenon Sunglasses for the Holidays!

What do you get someone on your list that seems to have everything? How about a top-notch pair of polarized sunglasses from Kaenon? As the world’s first luxury-performance eyewear brand, Kaenon uses the most advanced polarized lens technology available, giving superior optical quality while infusing fashion and form into each design.

Trust us, these sunglasses will surely impress even the most discerning recipient this holiday season!

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For Her:

1. Kaenon “Georgia” Polarized

2. Keanon “Spindle” Polarized

3. Kaenon “Kat-I” Polarized

For Him:

1. Kaenon “Clarke” Polarized

2. Kaenon “Driver” Polarized

3. Kaenon “Burnet” Polarized



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Kaenon: Celebrating 10 Years of Family with Conway Bowman

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Conway Bowman wears the Kaenon Trade

As part of Kaenon’s year-long 10th anniversary celebration, they launched their Celebration Video Series highlighting amazing people and stories.

To celebrate 10 years of family, Kaenon is highlighting Conway Bowman. The professional fly fisherman talks about the lessons he learned from his father growing up about the balance of life and nature. He also talks about how he hopes to pass on what he has learned from his father down to his own son:

About Conway Bowman:

Conway Bowman is a professional fly fisherman and guide from San Diego, CA. He began fly fishing in Idaho at age eight. Since then, he's mastered the river, lake and sea. His extensive saltwater experience includes inshore and bluewater up and down the west coast, including Baja California.

He co-hosted ESPN's In Search of Flywater show and is the current host of Fly Fishing the World on the Sportsman Channel. Conway’s exploits have also been chronicled in various books, Tidelines and Fly Fishing for Sharks: An American Journey and magazines including, Flyfish Journal, Fly Fisherman, The Drake, Fly Fishing Saltwater’s, Field & Stream, Men’s Journal, and SaltWater Sportsman.

Conway is an avid advocate for shark conservation and aids researchers, raising funds for research tagging Shortfin Mako sharks off the Southern California coast through his annual Flying Mako Charity Tournament.



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Kaenon: Celebrating 10 Years of Commitment with Mark & Janelle Smiley

As part of Kaenon’s year-long 10th anniversary celebration, they launched their Celebration Video Series highlighting amazing people and stories.

To celebrate 10 years of commitment, Kaenon is highlighting husband-and-wife climbing duo Mark and Janelle Smiley in their extraordinary journey. The couple takes on all 50 routes in the iconic book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.

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Janelle wears the Kaenon Soft Kore & Kaenon Georgia. Mark wears the Kaenon Hard Kore & Kaenon Lewi

In this video, couple talks about their commitment to this unique journey and their focus to their goals and to each other.

About Mark & Janelle Smiley:

Mark’s interests in outdoor recreation have continually evolved since he was a young boy. At the age of twelve, he enjoyed rappelling out of maple trees in the front yard. Now he can be found putting up first ascents on technical 20,000’+ glaciated peaks.

Janelle grew up climbing, skiing and playing in the mountains of Colorado. Her hunger for snow adventures has taken her to Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Italy where she explored and worked as a skiing instructor.

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Kaenon: Celebrating 10 Years of Motivation with Karen Wrenn

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Karen Wrenn wears the Soft Kore | G12 Lenses

As part of Kaenon’s year-long 10th anniversary celebration, they launched their Celebration Video Series highlighting amazing people and stories.

Check out the video below featuring standup paddleboarder Karen Wrenn and her inspiring journey through the Channel Islands:

Kaenon's endurance paddler, Karen Wrenn, talks about her motivation during her unprecedented 150-mile paddle between all 8 of Southern California's Channel Islands.
The five-day journey required her to dig deep and focus on what really mattered to her most in paddling and in life.

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Kaenon on "The Mentor"

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Tune in to “The Mentor” on Bloomberg Television tomorrow at 9PM to catch the show’s exclusive look inside the active lifestyle optic brand Kaenon Polarized.

Chosen by Bloomberg for its unique blend of industry-leading technology and lifestyle-driven focus, Kaenon’s brand story will be told by co-founding brothers Steve and Darren Rosenberg who will also discuss how to tackle new growth as the premium sunglass brand prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

“This is the first time that Steve and I have spoken so publicly about our business,” says Darren Rosenberg, COO and co-founder. “Certainly, this is the first time that we have allowed television cameras into our offices and warehouses. I think this show will offer our consumers and fans a unique perspective of our business and brand strategy. At the same time, I suspect there are other entrepreneurs, business owners and managers who may connect with the topics explored on camera for this show.”

New Trends in Sunglasses at the Eyewear Expo

This week, the Zappos merchandising department held an eyewear expo here at our corporate office. Several of our vendors attended: Oakley , Tifosi , Kaenon, Dragon , Ray Ban , Arnette , Spy , Von Zipper , Electric , Tommy Bahama , Anon , Fox and Revo.

Our blogger Melissa visited the event to show us some the latest styles and trends at the expo. Thanks to everyone in merchandising who helped set up the event, and all the vendors for the great information on their products.