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Scotty McCreery Obsession!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Darren see who sounds more ilke American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.  If you missed the last episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Rabbit! Visits Zappos HQ!

The members of the ultra-fun rock band Rabbit! stopped by Zappos HQ to talk about their experience writing and recording the song “Possibility” on the Delivering Happiness bus. They even took a minute to play their hit “Magic” in a special acoustic performance. Rabbit! focuses on playing happy, nostalgic music that is suitable for all ages. You'll be able to hear Rabbit! as the hold music in the near future. Rock out to Rabbit! on their MySpace page and check out the video of their visit above.



Pat is Three Fine Voices in One Package!

He is a fine singer, I must say.