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Monkey Row!

If you’ve had a chance to take take a peek at our Core Values, toured our Offices or Warehouse , or seen any of our Videos , you already know Zappos is unlike any other company. We filmed this video to show to our New Hire groups when Tony, Fred and Alfred are out of the office. Although I wish it was used more, I’m happy to say that Alfred, Tony and Fred have yet to miss an opportunity to talk to a new hire class since the video was made more than 6 months ago!

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I love You More Than My Dog !

Jeanne Bliss is the Author of the new book “I Love You More Than My Dog” and is also known throughout the retail world as the queen of Customer Loyalty. Not too many people can say they helped 5 of America’s hugest companies bring their customer service to such a level that they are now known for providing some of the greatest customer experiences in the industry.

In this Video Jeanne speaks with our COO/CFO Alfred Lin, and asks about the special mixture of service and culture that is Alfred also touches on recruiting the very best people, and what it means to be a good culture fit within the company.

Stay tuned for more interviews with Jeanne Bliss, and our CEO Tony Hsieh!

Core Value O' the Week

Like the mighty buffalo, we do more with less.

All Hands on Deck! All Hands on Deck!

Today, Monday June 1st, is fine day for all Zapponians in the Henderson, NV office….it is the 2nd Annual All Hands meeting! This is a meeting in which all 700 Las Vegas Zappos employees get together and hear from our CEO, Tony Hsieh , and COO, Alfred Lin , about where we going, where we been…Did I do another Forrest Gump reference? Brett, you must stop that!!!!

We will actually shut the CLT phones down (which only happens twice a year) for 2 hours while we all make the pilgrimage on foot to the Henderson Pavilion for the two hour ‘All Hands on Deck’ meeting. The blog team is acting as camera crew today, catching the presentations and a few other secret bits that I have been sworn to secrecy about: )

We love getting together as a group, so whatever happens on that huge stage today, we know that our Zappos family will go crazy and have the time of their lives!

YeeHaw, I say, YeeHaw!!!