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Beard Gang!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Matt form a Beard Gang.  If you missed last weeks episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Taming Facial Hair With Anthony For Men

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There's no need to steal your lady's skincare products anymore! Anthony For Men is a collection of lines with effective and easy-to-use skincare and shaving products formulated just for men. When it comes to skincare, Anthony For Men understands the specific and unique needs of men's skin. Now personal care is easy and no fuss thanks to this amazing line of targeted products to keep you looking your very best.

Are you gearing up for MOvember? Does your company give away a prize to the best beard or mustache at the end of the month? It’s okay if they don’t, but you don’t have to settle for mediocre facial hair. Luckily for you, Anthony For Men will help you take full advantage of your beard while protecting you from the harsh elements of the Fall/Winter seasons. Anthony for Men Shave Gel is the perfect facial grooming product.  It’s made with a see-through formula that allows you to get in close with a razor and target specific hairs for more precision and easier sculpting.

As you know, our bodies are naturally symmetrical, and most of our parts come in pairs: ears, nostrils, arms, and others that are self-explanatory. Our eyes also come in pairs, each with their own brows.  So unless you’re a mythical cycloptic beast, you should have two. Thankfully Anthony For Men’s Tool Kit is equipped with just the thing to help you. Stainless-steel tweezers will pluck out the bushiest and most stubborn hairs from their root to maintain separation for longer periods of time. Once you’ve liberated your brows, use the grooming scissors to mold and sculpt your two brows into whatever glorious shape you want. Just remember to make them symmetrical. And it’s more than just for good personal grooming, a portion of the proceeds from this sale and all Anthony For Men products go into prostate cancer research. So don’t just look and feel good, do some good too!

Creepy Beard Day

It’s been a long 32 days since some members of our Development Team at Zappos began growing their face-blankets, or beards, and Monday was the day that they shaved. And they decided that since they were shaving anyway, might as well get creative….so…behold: Creepy Beard Day.