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How To Choose The Right Bag For The Right Occasion

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Weirdest Christmas Party EVER!!!

It was one CRAZY time at the Zappos Blog Team Christmas Party…and we’ve got the tape!

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Santa gives out the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!

Today, Santa will be played by Melissa and The Grinch will be played by Patrick.

Brett Acquires Bacon

Yesterday we had an unhealthy food cook-off, and I had some leftover bacon, 1 piece to be exact. I asked everyone if they wanted it, but it sat around for a couple hours. Around 1PM Pacific time I placed said bacon in Brett’s bag. A few hours later we had Andrew J. Rosenthal from in the office for an interview/tour. While I had the camera out I asked Brett to show us what was in his bag. You won’t believe what happens next.

Most Posh Hotels: The Leela Kempinski Hotel, Kovalam

This week we’ll take a quick jump from the beautiful beaches of Goa to the even whiter sands of Kovalam, Kerala. Kerala is located at the tip of southern India, and Kovalam is situated right on the coast. When visiting Kovalam, you should stay right on the beach to take advantage of the wonderful sand and beautiful sunsets. Kovalam is also near Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a must see sanctuary for all animal lovers. When visiting the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll get the chance to glimpse vast numbers of elephant, gaur, sloth bear, jungle cat, wild boar and langur.

While the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the beaches of Kovalam are a draw, The Leela Kempinski Hotel is a destination in itself. The Leela is one of the most sought after, highly anticipated hotels in all of India. All of The Leela’s rooms have vast windows with gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea beyond. You’ll have the choice between many different rooms of different sizes and grandeur. The interiors of most of the rooms and suites are decorated with a delightful blend between traditional Kerala and modern style.

The amenities of The Leela Kempinski Hotel are out of this world, beginning with exclusive beach access. You’ll have a range of spa treatments at your fingertips at The Leela, including traditional Ayurvedic treatments. You also will have the chance to attend traditional yoga classes, play badminton, tennis and beach volleyball. With private beach access, you’ll be able to swim and sunbathe at your leisure. Make sure to bring sunscreen to protect your skin while you relax on the sandy beaches of Kovalam.

With seven different restaurants and cafes at The Leela, you’ll get the chance to taste new and delicious foods every night. The Sky Bar is ideal for after-dinner drinks as the sun sets beyond the sea. The Terrace serves Oriental, Indian and Continental cuisine, and you can dine right by the sea if you wish.

Most Popular Distance Run: The Sunburst Races, Indiana

The Sunburst Races in South Bend, Indiana have something for all the family – a marathon, a half marathon, a 10K, a 5K and a family walk – seriously, they have everything. More than 2,000 runners and walkers participate in all of the races, so they have everybody, too!

The Sunburst Races are held every year. In 2009, it will be their 26th year. They start every year’s events with the Friday Night Family Walk. Like it says, it’s a walk for the whole family (baby strollers and baby joggers welcome), and everybody who participates gets a Family Walk t-shirt. This is one of the few walks left in the country that still allows headphones, but organizers caution participants to be careful as they really don’t want to scrape you up off the street later! (BTW, headphones are not allowed on the marathon or half marathon.)

On Saturday, the more serious events begin. The marathon starts at the College Football Hall of Fame (Notre Dame, of course) and is run on a pretty flat course with only one half-mile incline and a couple of minor hills.

The half marathon follows the marathon’s first three miles but then veers off into Keller Park, finishing the race back on the marathon’s course and on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. And participants in both races get cool t-shirts. The 5K, 10K and the fitness walk all start between 7:15 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Sunburst does a great job with services too. There are tons of water stations, Gatorade fluid replacement stations, energy gel is available on the course, and they even hand out bananas for that all-important potassium. But the best bit of all: there is massage therapy provided at the finish line by massage therapy students from Davenport University. I’d throw on my running shoes and run in any marathon if I had massage therapy to look forward to at the end of it.

The Sunburst Races also has awesome finish line food (last year provided by Meijer supermarkets,) and there was everything!

I really like the Sunburst Races. Indiana is one of the prettiest American states, I think, with its rolling hills, green fields and clear blue skies. When these races start early in the morning, you really feel like you’re running in nature, so it’s worth running one just so you can feel that. Right?

Comfort Item of the Week: Snowboarding Socks

You feel the fire in your gut and the chill around your face as your adrenaline rises preparing for snowboarding season. Several pairs of the coolest snowboarding boots on the planet are part of your personal gear including Burton, Vans, DC, Lesportiva and Forum Constant Snow Board Boots. And chances are your wardrobe includes the coolest outer gear including Full Stone Fire Beanies and the coolest jackets and vests to create layers of warmth. But what’s under those snow boots?

Snowboarders are passionate about their sport, their gear and definitely their skills. So why take chances when it comes to foot comfort? foot comfort? One of the best ways to insure comfort is with the perfect socks. To the passionate snowboarder the right socks definitely make a difference. Why worry about what’s under those snow boots? The perfect sport socks to wear with snow boots is the Eurosock Board Camo. Available in winter, brown, green or gray camo, in addition to being one of the most comfortably fitting socks, the Eurosock Board Camo collection is stylish.

There are a couple of features that make the Eurosock Board Camo the perfect sock for the snowboarder. Eurosocks come with comfortably fitted, finished tops, and a choice of either rolled, welted tops or ribbed cups designed to keep the sock up. Another top quality sock is the Eurosock Board Camo, which has the absence of the seam that causes friction.

Designed as the perfect socks for snowboarding, Eurosock Board Camo socks are made from Spandex with mechanical knits and technical fibers, which create the feel and performance of a “second skin.” Other key features of the Eurosock Board Camo socks include the “elasticized ankle brace” and the “ankle flex zone,” which provides support for the Achilles tendon and keeps the sock fitting perfectly around the ankle by eliminating wrinkles. The toe-pocket area has a similar design to ensure wrinkling is avoided. Finally Eurosocks have ergonomically shaped, anatomical padding to absorb impact. Wearing Eurosocks for snowboarding ensures you won’t worry about what’s under those boots.

More Hills Spin-offs, Paris Isn't Preggers, Jennifer Garner's Baby Scare and Jessica Simpson Disses Carrie Underwood

MTV is handing out spin-off shows like candy to the cast of the popular reality show, The Hills. We first heard that Whitney Port would be getting her own “Hills”-type show, but now playboy Brody Jenner is going to be getting a “Tila Tequila“-type show, called Bromance, where guys will compete to be part of Brody’s entourage. You know what would be hilarious – if Spencer Pratt, Brody’s former BFF, was among the contestants!

You’ll be happy to hear that the world is safe from the spawn of Paris Hilton... for this month anyway. Although there had been rumors that the heiress might be pregnant because of what appeared to be a baby bump, Paris was recently spotted partying at a club for the filming of her upcoming reality show and indulging in some drinking and smoking. So either she’s not pregnant or just really dumb. Of course, this is Paris Hilton we’re talking about, so it could go either way.

Jennifer Garner recently had a bit of a scare while on out with the Jennifer Garner mini-me, daughter Violet. She accidentally locked the keys in the car along with her daughter. Luckily, she was able to give directions to Violet through the window and the smart tot was out quicker than she could say “Jennifer Lopez is my almost-mommy”.

And Jessica Simpson‘s country album hasn’t even been released but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from creating drama between her and another blonde bombshell country star. Jessica Simpson was recently spotted wearing a t-shirt that read, “Real Girls Eat Meat”. Seems like a pretty innocent t-shirt until you consider the fact that Tony Romo dated Carrie Underwood not too long ago and Carrie is known to be very open about being a vegetarian. Hmm, this could get interesting.

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