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Just Like Home

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Working at Zappos is like working with a big family.  We all feel very at home here and our desks become an extension of our homes. Mine for instance is very messy just like my house, but my neighbor Jerildito's is very clean and organized.  (name changed to protect the innocent). Some are extravagantly decorated with personality dripping off every side and some are covered with pictures of kids or vacations they have taken or dream of taking. 

Although Jerildito's desk is very clean, he prefers the crazy antics that the rest of us decorate with. He once told me a story of when he went to visit a friend at an office with cubicles just like ours.  The only difference was no one could decorate their cubicles like we do and when Jerildiito took a wrong turn in their office, he got lost.  Everything looked the same and he couldn't find his way around! Now, this would never happen here at Zappos HQ.  If someone couldn't find their way we would just say something like “Take a left at the giant blue and white shoe, if you pass the jungle, you have gone too far.” Just one of the advantages of working in a highly-decorated workspace!

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Phone Shuffle!

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The Customer Loyalty Team is deeply sorry for the unusually long wait times to reach a representative yesterday afternoon. Half of the floor's phones went down. However, we tried to make the best of the situation while the phone lines were down. Someone cranked their tiny USB speakers and started playing “The Cupid Shuffle”.  Within seconds, a line of dancers formed in the aisle. This IS Zappos after all!

Unfortunately for the dance session, but fortunately for our customers, the ZCLT management team came up with a plan to move us to the other side of the building to continue to WOW our customers. Within a few minutes, we had our hold time back down, but we will always remember the good times of 5-25-11 and the legendary dance party that ensued due to the technical difficulties.

We'd like to thank all our customers for your patience yesterday! We really appreciate it.

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Pat on the Phone

I am eager to help answer the phones, but really should have taken the refresher course.


CLT Cow Awards

Our Customer Loyalty Team not only works hard to take care of our customers, but also takes pride in the fact that they are a true and noble team that is willing to do whatever they can for their fellow Zapponians. They actually have a team, called the WOW team, that does different events and recognition for the CLT members.

One of the things they use for recognition is the COW award (Cultivator Of wow). This award allows members of the CLT team to nominates others for the the great things that they do for others. The winners of the monthly award get a certificate and lunch.

Happy Holidays CLT!!!

Throughout the year our Customer Loyalty Team is at the forefront of our customer service efforts and are interacting with our customers on a daily basis. During the Holiday season, the call volume goes up dramatically, and the CLT works extremely hard to make sure all of our customers are taken care of.

To show appreciation for all their hard work, our merchandising team and vendors put together some fun gifts for all the CLT members.

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Holiday Helpers

All hands on deck!

The Holiday season is a busy time for all retailers, and from November 27th to December 23rd, our phones are ringing nonstop with holiday shoppers. So, in order to provide the best service possible, everyone at Zappos helps out our Customer Loyalty Team on the phones.

One of our 10 core values is, “Build a positive team and family spirit” and there isn’t a better time to come together than the Holidays.

Happy shopping everyone!

Katrina's WOW poem!

Our very own Katrina J., British CLT-Bringer of WOW, created this fine work below to represent our culture in poetry.

Here at Zappos, we have a special way,
It’s called the the 10 core values and it helps us every day.

One of course, is the “Service WOW”
If you are really good at it, we award you a C.O.W (cultivator of wow

Number two, You’re in the drivers seat
Embracing change, we think is pretty neat!

Do you fit in with number three? please read on and you will see.

If you want to shave your head and have a race to grow a beard,
Then you’re creating a little fun and are hopefully a bit weird!

Be adventurous, creative and open minded as well, is number four, if
you can’t tell?

Now we are at the middle and it’s about keeping our brains fed,
Pursuing growth and learning, will help us stay ahead.

As for number six, we won’t keep you out of touch,
It’s open and honest communication, that will help us build our trust.

Team and family spirit is the next one to keep in mind.
With picnic’s and parties, where we all have a good time.

Doing more with less got us where we are today,
so, number eight is really great, making your idea’s our Way!

It’s number nine, I hear you determined to shout!!
And of course it’s the Passion, which is what we’re all about.

So now we reached the last one, what could we have left out??
Ten wonderful core values that makes Zappos what we are all about.

We like to remember where we came from and how far we have to go,
So being humble, is the last core, to keep in mind,
As we spread a little happiness to all of mankind…..