Macbeth x Mike Dirnt Collab

Macbeth Footwear is proud to announce the birth of its newest “Studio Project” collaboration, the “ 45 RPM .”
Designed to the likings and style of none other than Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt. This innovative shoe brings a unique new look that is ready to hit ground running. Even more impressive, Mike is donating all royalties from sales to shoe charity Soles4Souls – an international shoe charity dedicated to providing free shoes to people in need.

The “ 45 RPM “ Studio Project shoe hit the streets worldwide in June 2009, on the tail of Green Day’s highly anticipated album release, “21st Century Breakdown.”

This shoe is 100 percent vegan-crafted, containing zero animal products in the construction and distribution. Available in black, and highlighted with distressed gold lining and eyelets, and even showcases custom 45 RPM record artwork. This boot-like style definitely stresses the influence of Mike Dirnt’s style.

Be sure to check out this shoe available now from the Zappos Rideshop !

Zappos Rideshop

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Macbeth Shows Off their New Line at the Zappos Expo

Macbeth rolled up to the Zappos Rideshop Expo in their rockin’ Macbethmobile stoked full of their new styles inspired by Mike Dirnt from Green Day, Tom Delonge from Blink 182, and their 100% Vegan shoe the Eliot inspired by, well, Vegans.

Check ‘em out!