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Incorporating Fitness into Parenting: Afternoon Family Yoga Session

With creativity and thought, fitness can join one’s daily parenting routine. An afternoon family yoga session is one way to make fitness a cornerstone of parenting. Plus, this particular fitness activity provides many benefits, some that you may have never considered.

Why hold family yoga in the afternoon? When the kids get home from school, they need some relaxation. But they also need a boost of brain power. Yoga is a great activity for both. Not only can yoga stimulate the mind and relax the body, but exercising before dinner can help the body better burn calories and convert food into the proper energy. Yes, kids get to play more than adults, but their minds are constantly working. Plus, lessons, sports, activities, and even playing can be tiring. Kids need to wind down and they also need something that will bring that focus back so they can complete homework, read, or study. All of the above and more add up to being a great reason yoga in the afternoon can be added as routine family fitness.

Family yoga sessions in the afternoon are even more of a win for parents. By the time the kids get finished with lessons or extra curricular activities, the parents are likely exhausted from their days as well. Working, cleaning house, and performing routine parental duties can be tiring for both the mind and body. Parenting is hard and yoga can be both the quick pick-me-up needed to prepare dinner and the relaxing moment needed to relieve the day’s stress.

Afternoon yoga sessions need not take hours. A simple 20 minutes will suffice. It doesn’t take much time out of the day and will benefit parents and kids alike. Yoga books, DVD’s, classes, and even yoga websites can help you find the best poses to incorporate into your day. Poses can focus on specific benefits, as well as experience level. There’s even yoga for babies, so you have no excuse not to get the whole family involved.


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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids: Crab Soccer

Summer sports and outdoor activities are a great way to keep the kids busy during the summer. Crab soccer is a fun twist to a popular sport. Not only is it a great workout, but it’s a versatile sport and activity. Parents may choose to use crab soccer as a tournament event between family and friends. It also can be used as a birthday party game or even a way to entertain the kids during barbecues, family reunions, or other events. Some schools use this in gyms instead of on traditional soccer fields.

Crab soccer follows all the rules of traditional soccer, but there’s a few exceptions. First, the kids cannot stand. In some versions, if a player stands, that causes their team to lose a point. “How are they going to play soccer without standing” is likely your question. Crab soccer is played in the crab walking position.

For those who don’t know, here’s how to do the crab walk. First, lie flat on your back with palms down. Now, use both the arms and the legs to hold up the body, so that you’ll be up on all fours, but with the stomach facing up. When you move around like this, you’ll look similar to a crab, which is where the name came from.

Back to crab soccer, in addition to not being able to stand, there are a few more things that differentiate crab soccer from traditional soccer. The entire game must be played in the crab position by everyone except the goalies. In some versions, the goalies also are in crab position, but for safety, since kids are playing here, the crab soccer goalies probably should stand. Be sure the kids have appropriate footwear to wear during crab soccer.

Because the kids will have to move around in a different way than they’re used to, they will be working muscles that they may not have worked before. This can help increase strength. But to the kids it will be fun, so they probably won’t look at it as exercise, but instead as a fun summer outdoor game. For rainy days, a slightly varied version can be played in a gymnasium, using gym scooters to maneuver in the game.