Danielle C.

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  • Username: Danielle C.
  • Starting with an interesting fact about me, I'm a Las Vegas native! Which also makes it more interesting why I'm so passionate about sustainable efforts. As most everyone in Vegas knows, we aren't really on the forefront of sustainability.

    I obtained my degree in Civil Engineering though UNLV. Combining this with my passion for the environment and knowledge and faith in our Zappos culture, I co-founded the L.E.A.F. group to help jump start a green movement at Zappos! L.E.A.F. stands for Leading Environmental Awareness for the Future. Our focus is to help spread awareness on eco-habits across the company. I am always ready for a challenge, and look forward to what L.E.A.F. can lead to! The perfect recipe for delivering WOW is mixing what I love with what I’m good at, so let the party begin!